A story of a midwife in Taiwan.

In the past, pregnant women had to rely on midwives for pre-natal assistance and delivery. However, from the 1970s onward, economic growth led to the establishment of large hospitals. Twenty years ago, midwives were removed from health centers and nurses began to take over their duties in hospitals.
With the number of obstetricians is falling and consciousness about women’s issues is rising,more expectant mothers are opting for natural delivery methods that minimize medical intervention and want to be respected during the process. 

Gao, a 34-years-old midwife, who is one of the few professional active midwife in Taiwan. She strongly believes on diversity in birthing practices and delivery environments friendly to mothers and babies.I followed her around to document her work at the birth scene and listen to what she thinks about women delivery in Taiwan.

Interview/Photography/Video : I-Hwa Cheng