A caring clown

A story of a caring clown

Dan Huang, the age of 67, was retired in 2013 from the tech industry in the United States. One day he came across a nursing home where he felt everything was so depressing over there. He decided to take professional clown classes and learned how to be a caring clown at nursing home to make the elderly happier.

He later moved back to Taiwan with his family and continued his volunteering clown works on the island. However, one man's power is always limited. He has been organizing volunteer clown classes all over Taiwan to train more people who wants to do the same thing with him.
With more and more people have joined his team, it has been the largest volunteering clown group in Taiwan.

Despite being much older than the others, he's always been offering kindness and happiness to everyone around him. He is also famous for his gray hair.
Photo: Bodon Lin, Joey Yu
VIdeo/edit: I-Hwa Cheng